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"The patches arrived in time for the first game, and you would think I was passing out $100 bills after the game. All the kids are very proud of the patches they have earned, and can tell everyone how they earned each patch." Coach Michael

"Thanks for the great 8 year olds just love these patches! I think it may be the only reason they come to practice!" Coach Dawn , NY

"The patches have been a great addition to our program. What a delight it was to see one of our guys with a star ironed on to his practice shirt sleeve." Coach Jarrod

"They patches have been a big hit. They all want to get the special hustle patch and defense patch so it's doing a good job reinforcing those areas. All in all it's been a great addition to the program and I see us using for years to come." Jim, League Coordinator

"We purchased these iron-on patches for our Gold-Emerald team. Great incentive!" Coach Kimberly, WA